Review Season 2021: 12-10

As you’re recovering from Christmas festivities, it’s urgent you get up to date on this year’s Review Season on Death of the Reader. After each year of the show, we walk you back through the stories we’ve covered in a year, ranking them based on what we’d recommend to mystery fans, following our almighty ‘Criteria’, lest our hearts fail us. If you want to hear each review without the accoutrements, follow the links below to get them on our Podcast:

12th Place: Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz
A clever, delightful novel that found us at the wrong time. If you’re willing and able to sink your teeth into it, this book will reward you copiously.

11th Place: The Master Key by Masako Togawa
This harrowing vision of an apartment for single women and their abandonment to history is hard to wrangle with, but worth it for its viciously honest approach to real issues of its’ day.

10th Place: Dead Little Roosters by Rooster Teeth (Directed by Josh Flanagan and Fiona Nova)
Looking for a romp to throw at your mates, and test their ability to see through a colourful, creative mess of a show? Look no further than this masterpiece of lockdown-creativity.

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