Review Season 2021: 16-13

It’s the end of the year, and that means Review Season on Death of the Reader. We walk you back through the stories we’ve covered in a year, ranking them based on what we’d recommend to mystery fans, following our almighty ‘Criteria’, lest our hearts fail us. If you want to hear each review without the accoutrements, follow the links below to get them on our Podcast:

16th Place: Halloween
Not a review, per-se, but a fun reflection on the origins of our genre and the spirits that infest it.


15th Place: Murder On The Way! by Theodore Roscoe
Our romp with good friend Jim Noy of The Invisible Event was a blast, but it’s hard to recommend given its particular flavour of dated-ness.


14th Place: Death Going Down by María Angélica Bosco
A delightful Argentinian urban cozy crime, wrestling with the aftershocks of WWII. Perfect, for the right reader, but is that you?


13th Place: Inspector Imanishi Investigates by Seicho Matsumoto
A strong sense of intrigue and immersion carry this slow-paced Japanese Classic through a quietly absurd, yet thoughtful plot.

More to come in the following weeks!

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