Review Season 2021: 9-7

Welcome to the New Year and the middle episode of 2021’s Review Season. After each year of the show, we walk you back through the stories we’ve covered in a year, ranking them based on what we’d recommend to mystery fans, following our almighty ‘Criteria’, lest our hearts fail us. If you want to hear each review without the accoutrements, follow the links below to get them on our Podcast:

9th Place: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
One of those novels that vies for the ‘best of all time’ title, we still love it, but maybe come back to it once you’ve read some things it inspired.

8th Place: Murder in Old Bombay by Nev March
Part Murder Mystery, part wartime adventure, part love story, this novel astounds with how much it’s able to fit in to its runtime without sacrificing any one part.

7th Place: Return of the Obra Dinn by Lucas Pope
Lucas Pope returns with his second major endeavour to prove that paperwork is the most fun you can have by yourself, and maybe with friends too.

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