Review Season 2022: ‘When We Fall’ + 9-8

Merry Christmas! Our gift to you this year; Death of the Reader’s Honourable Mentions. We read more books than we ever have before on your Murder Mystery World Tour, and it wouldn’t have felt right not giving a couple special recommendations to burden your wallet further over the holidays. It’s all Flex for the festivities.

Honourable Mention: When We Fall by Aoife Clifford
This book won’t admit it’s as good of a mystery as it is, but the sportsmanship is almost as impeccable as the atmosphere.

9th Place: A Dire Isle by RV Raman
If you don’t enjoy this book, my condolences to your friends.

8th Place: The Shadows of Men by Abir Mukherjee
Who knew lighting a city on fire could be so satisfying?

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