Digital Aboriginal Embassy: Richard Bell

Richard Bell’s artwork ‘Embassy’ began in 2013 as a recreation of the original Aboriginal Tent Embassy, a protest camp set up outside Parliament House in 1972. ‘Embassy’ is a public space for imagining and articulating alternate futures and reflecting on, or retelling, stories of oppression and displacement.

‘You Can Go Now’ is Richard Bell’s largest solo exhibition to date. Although the MCA is currently closed due to Sydney’s lockdown, you can still explore his Digital Aboriginal Embassy which critiques some of the most pressing cultural issues in contemporary society. 

Last week on CARVE, Ellen chatted to Richard about ‘Embassy’, digital activism, and collaboration.

Where –

Where – ‘You Can Go Now’, Museum of Contemporary Art (Temporarily closed), Tallawoladah, Gadigal Country (The Rocks)

Socials: @mca_australia

Image: Richard Bell, installation view, You Can Go Now, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney. Image courtesy the artist, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and Milani Gallery, Brisbane. Photograph by Anna Kučera. 

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