Samba Encontro De Sydney on 2SER Breakfast

Celebrating Brazilian samba culture in Australia, Samba Encontro De Sydney brings together samba bands and dance schools from across the country for a day of performances and cultural immersion.

Since 2013, Samba Encontro has become a staple event on Sydney’s cultural calendar, drawing attendees from all walks of life to experience the infectious beats and colourful performances of Brazilian samba. This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever, showcasing the rich diversity and vibrancy of Brazilian culture that’s present here in Australia.

Samba Encontro will take place on 20th April at The Portuguese Community Club, Marrickville, Sydney. Pete and Steph joined 2SER Breakfast to chat about an unforgettable event that brings together communities from all over Australia to share in the joy of samba.


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