Sampology – A Regrowth Through Sound

With the arrival of Spring also comes a sense of renewal, hope and warmth. It seems fitting then that it also signals the arrival of the debut album from Meanjin (Brisbane) DJ, producer and artist, Sampology. His ambitious album, filled with a plethora of self-record samples, all combine to make a lush, layered and stunning record.

Regrowth is the result of years of recording and production, but helped by family, friends and a host of talented musicians, Sam Poggioli has turned a smorgasbord of complex sound into a slick and comforting portion of music that feels suitable no matter the season.

He joined Jules and Mick on The Tuckshop to pull apart the creation of the record, what his hometown means to him and why family has been so integral to the making of his first record.

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