To Save Our Sirius or Not to Save Our Sirius

The harbour bridge, the opera house, luna park.. these are the go to’s when you think of Sydney landmarks. What about the large concrete cubic building that for years was known by a “one way jesus” sign in one of its windows? Everyone in Sydney has passed it coming into the city over the bridge, it is an iconic… though arguably not all that pretty landmark in our city.

The Sirius building in the rocks was built 35 years ago and has been public housing since. In what has been called “social cleansing” the government has rehomed almost all of the tenants and plans to sell off the building to a private developer. However a last ditch attempt to save the building by listing it as a heritage/historical could save it.

We had chairman of the ‘Save Our Sirius’ foundation and NSW President of the Australian Institute of Architects Shaun Carter join Mitch on the line to talk more about the proposed listing.

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