Saving the environment, one water bottle at a time

Drinking water everyday is a message drilled into our brains by both the doctor, and our Mums. But what about the bottle we’re drinking from? Today there are hundreds of different styles, materials, shapes and designs we can choose, but which is the most environmentally friendly? There’s the leopard-print industrial steel bottle that’ll keep your water icy cold, but then there’s the simple, single-use plastic bottle you can grab on the go. It’s no secret that the latter is not always the best option, especially if you’re planning on chucking it once its empty…

If you’re wanting to reduce your impact on the environment, the water bottle you drink from can make a pretty substantial difference. But navigating our way through all the colours and sizes might get a bit confusing!  Jess spoke with Dr Trevor Thornton, lecturer in Environmental Sciences at Deakin University, to get his expert advice on what bottles we should be buying, and how we can be more sustainable shoppers.

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