Scatter Light drop fresh new single ‘Intravenous’

If your itching for new music and a new sound then Scatter Lights’ new single ‘Intravenous’ might just be what you after!

The trio makes music that blends 60s-70s rock and roll with the added swirl of psychedelia.  Last year they brought out an EP called ‘Wise Eyed Open’, recorded in one take!

The talented trio have already brought out new music this year dropping a single ‘Echo Chamber’ in March and now only fresh off the press has brought us their new single ‘Intravenous’ (which speaks about society’s addiction and the constant need for their mobile phones)

The super group will be hitting Bootleggers in Newtown on the 30th of June alongside Derrik n’ the idiots and Boys at the back, as part of their single launch party. Grab your tickets here

Stream Scatter Lights’ new single ‘Intravenous’ here


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