Scotland provides free menstrual products to low-income women

Is access to menstrual products a luxury? Scotland begs to differ; it recently became the first country to provide free sanitary products to low-income women. The government is channelling £42,500 into a 6-month pilot program in Aberdeen which will help at least 1000 women and girls. In contrast, the Australian senate shot down a proposal to remove the GST on tampons, pads and liners just last month.

Nic spoke to Rochelle Courtenay, the founder of Share the Dignity, an Aussie charity which distributes free sanitary items to homeless and at-risk women. Rochelle explained why the pilot, while a step in the right direction, is only a partial solution to an ongoing problem, and the impact that a lack of access to sanitary products can have on a girl’s future.

Share the Dignity is holding a Dignity Drive in August to collect pads and tampons for women in need. You can donate a pack at the collection points in any Terry White Chemist, or find out more here.

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