Screensaver Install Maximum Saturation With Decent Shapes

Armed with a triple synth-setup, Melbourne post-punks Screensaver soak up the bleak state of global materialism and boardroom self-interestes on their second album Decent Shapes.
A more focused and concentrated record which follows on from their debut Expressions of Interest back in 2001, Decent Shapes keeps it’s attack coming in waves of death-disco, glazed guitar gyrations and moody modulations. A 4K atmospheric transformation from the intial days of digital back-and-forths across the intercontinental divide between vocalist Krystal and guitarist Christopher.
Across ten tracks of underlying urgency, Decent Shapes never detours during the dirge-fuelled darkwave that propels this record. Keeping all five of Screensaver’s members consistency busy, fighting against the distilling decay of mechanical music.

Ahead of their shows in NSW, drummer James took some time out to have a chat on The Band Next Door on 2SER about getting back on the drumming horse, the organic evolution of their second album and how his own hearing problems stylized his drumming.

Decent Shapes is out now through Poison City Records.

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