Senate Inquiry Into Jobseeker, Payment Post-COVID

Is the Jobseeker payment enough to live on? Should the payment return to its previous rate of $40 per day once the coronavirus subsides? The Jobseeker payment -previously known as Newstart Allowance- has been a contentious issue amongst politicians and advocates. 

The coronavirus supplement recently doubled the payment to $1,100 a fortnight and put the unemployment payment back in the spotlight with advocates now calling for a permanent increase to meet the cost of living.

Treasurer Josh Frydenburg told the National Press Club yesterday that they have been very clear that the boosts and the Jobseeker supplement are temporary. The government has just released the report from the Senate Inquiry into the adequacy of Newstart payments. So is it adequate?

Associate Professor Karen Soldatic from the Western Sydney University joined us on The Daily, her research has been referenced to extensively in the Senate Inquiry report.

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