Separating fact from fiction: the health benefits of the “15 minute city”

Ever heard of a concept called “the 15 minute city”?

Until recently it was something discussed by urban planners. In the 15 minute city, citizens would ideally live within a 15 minute walk of all the places they needed to live a healthy lifestyle; the grocery store, a medical centre and the local school.

However, a group of conspiracy theorists are growing in number and are adamant that the 15 minute city has not been designed with good intentions, but rather, is the concoction of global bureaucrats who want to fence people in and control their every move.

Sounds a bit weird right?

We spoke to Dr Chris Patterson; a Lecturer within the School of Nursing at the University of Wollongong, and a registered nurse, with specialist qualifications in mental health about the health benefits of a “15 minute city”.


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