Sex Magick

Tantric. Kathakali. Trip. 3 words to summarise the new Griffin Theatre production, Sex Magick. It’s wildly funny, and just plain wild.

A wildly funny exploration of queerness, masculinity and South Asian-Australian identity, Sex Magick is a new theater production playing at Griffin Theatre and is one not to be missed. It’s about Ard Panicker and the sudden crumble of his elite footy physiotherapy career. He jumps from sport to spirituality, and finds himself selling Ayurvedic rubdowns to yummy mummies in a Bondi health spa. Like all of us, he searches for more, and finds himself in Kerala, South India, where he definitely finds ‘something’ from an enlightened and enigmatic tantric guru.

The production is a tantalising mix of live video and ancient Indian Kathakali dance theatre, an experience that will be like nothing else on Sydney stages. Playwright Nicholas Brown joins Danny Chifley on 2SER Breakfast.

Where: Griffin Theatre Company

When: 17th February – 25th March 2023

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