Shannen Moser Will Sing

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Blood Orange – Negro Swan (Feature Album)

JEFF the Brotherhood – Magick Songs
Shannen Moser – I’ll Sing
Dur-Dur Band – Dur-Dur in Somalia
Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound
Many Voices Speak – Tank Town
Colleen Green – Casey’s Tape / Harmontown Loops

Let’s start off with ‘Dur-Dur in Somalia’, a re-issue of unreleased and best of material from Dur-Dur Band, a group from the 80s that formed in Mogadishu, Somalia. Pure, fresh and funky sounds that are upbeat and a sure-fire party starter. The band started off emulating Western funk sounds but eventually developed a truly unique fusion of traditional Somali music, Banaadiri beats, spiritual Saar, soul and disco. Two of the founding members now in live in the US and own a record shop, occasionally playing shows!

Shannen Moser makes the type of nature informed folk songs that are evocative, bare-boned and oh so charming. Weaving vulnerable ditties that come off as short stories, with plush cello embellishments that mirror a kind of Patsy Cline country glam. Beautiful, honey-sweet vocals to top things off too.

And lastly, JEFF the Brotherhood have taken a slower turn on their latest record ‘Magick Songs’ calling for deeper listening. Jazz-fuelled songs with excursions into ‘80s Japanese new age, Indonesian Gamelan songlines and experimental sludge. Loads of atmosphere and sparkle throughout.

Plus new singles from Grand Salvo, Julia Holter and Pirra.

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Monday 10th of September, 2018

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