Sheridan Harbridge

Sheridan joins Regina to talk about all things theatrical in her life.

Sheridan Harbridge is an actor, playwright, director and comedienne, graduating from NIDA in 2006.
Songs for the Fallen, which won Best Musical, and Outstanding actress at the New York Music Theatre Festival in 2015

She was in the premiere production of Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical, and acclaimed recent productions including Belvoir’s The Sugar House and The Dog/The Cat, Griffin’s Kill Climate Deniers and the hit Hayes Theatre Company production of the musical Calamity Jane.

Harbridge starred in the new Australian play, Suzie Miller’s Prima Faciethe story of a barrister who finds herself on the other side of the flawed judicial system weighted against women in cases of sexual assault and harassment.

She has worked with John Cleese in the Just for Laughs Festival as well as, Valerie Solanas and Judy Garland in Jim Sharman’s online film Andy X. TV credits include Rake, All Saints and Wild Boys, Doctor Blake Murder Mysteries, and The Justine Clarke Show.

Thursday 14th of May, 2020

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