Sherlock in Shanghai by Cheng Xiaoqing Part One

We discuss stories 1-3 of Sherlock in Shanghai by Cheng Xiaoqing, translated by Timothy C Wong. Beginning from a passion sparked by translating the works of classic western crime fiction, Cheng Xiaoqing’s tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes a stunning debut as Huo Sang and Bao Lang meet for their first case together, The Shoe. Wearing inspiration on its sleeve, this collection starts out with three charming stories that clearly seek to inspire and teach as much as they seek to be clever. With a different sense of justice and two young enthusiasts as our Sherlock and Watson, our latest short story collection is off to a strong start. We’re joined by Paul F Verhoeven to talk the release of his new book Electric Blue, the importance of owning your inspirations and how to learn to love a story.
Check out Part Two and Part Three here!

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