Should the Great Barrier Reef be declared ‘In Danger’?

The Great Barrier Reef is notoriously one of Australia’s “most remarkable gifts”, yet, at the same time, it is equally well known that it is seriously threatened. In June, UNESCO found the reef was facing “ascertained danger”, and released a draft recommendation to officially list the reef as “in danger”. This is currently being contemplated by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, who are expected to reach their final decision on 23 July. 

Ever since these findings, the Morrison government has launched an intensive lobbying campaign to overturn the recommendation. Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley is currently in Europe lobbying foreign ambassadors against the decision, and the government has gained support from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to delay any decision until at least 2023. The looming threat and simultaneous government pushback have left Australians, especially climate scientists, concerned for the reef’s future.  2SER Breakfast Producer Sophie Ma spoke with Professor Matthew England, a climate scientist at the University of New South Wales. 

Listen to their conversation…

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