Shuffling Tiles with the Australian Riichi Mahjong Association

Smoke boxed rooms punctuated by shuffling tiles, it’s a scene from your typical Yakuza film. Someone declares a win, another loses a finger in some life or death gamble. Very few however even understand the game they were playing. That game is Japan’s Riichi Mahjong.

In this day and age, Riichi Mahjong has become more than just a means to gamble away some cash. With tournaments held across the globe and increasing avenues to learn the game. It has turned into a scene of its own, one Australian players have had a lot of success.

Drive host Sidd Sharma was joined by Trevor from the Australian Riichi Mahjong Association, an organiser of local Riichi related events in Sydney, to shed light on this esoteric, dense and culturally rich game. You can learn more about Riichi at their website and on their forum.

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