The Slippery Slope Of Environmental Offsetting

When booking your last plane trip, you may have noticed the option to offset the carbon cost of your flight. Paying an additional fee to render your flight carbon neutral some say makes more aware of what they’re doing to the environment, but others criticise the idea calling it baseless and not as transparent as it may seem. This episode we explore how environmental offsetting goes way beyond the world of air travel and how these offsets could in fact devastate some of our most crucial forest and bushland.


  • Dr Leigh Martin – Scholarly Teaching Fellow in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney.
  • Daisy Barham – Campaigns Director at the Nature Conservation Council.
  • Simon Kilbane – Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture in the Faculty of Design, Building and Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney.


  • Procreation – Little Glass Men
  • CHING – Glass Boy
  • McKrary – Blue Dot Sessions
  • Lines – Glass Boy
  • Nilla – Friendly Foliage
  • User Friendly – Lee Rosevere

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