Smart bus stops for Sydney

For bus commuters, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting at a bus stop not knowing when your delayed transport will arrive. While many commuters now use smartphone apps to track public transport, these apps aren’t always reliable and they’re not always accessible for older commuters, people with disabilities or visiting tourists.

So could intelligent bus stops help to improve the commuting experience in Sydney? Nic was joined by transport sociologist Dr Claudine Moutou from the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures.  Dr Moutou explained how intelligent bus stops are being used in European cities to display live traffic and transport data on digital screens, giving commuters an idea of delays, bus capacities and alternative transport options.  

Dr Moutou stressed that the key to improving public transport is – first and foremost – greater investment in infrastructure and service increases, however these digitally-connected bus stops could certainly help make the commuter experience more transparent in years to come.

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