So Hot This Week: 28 July


Anime Architecture

Want to deeply immerse yourself in the world of art… but you’re on a budget? Well look no further! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if the world of architecture and anime came together, this exhibition is for you.

Location photographs and concept sketches in detailed pencil drawings are just the beginning. You can see anime cels in full colour, and the revelation of detailed creative processes behind iconic Japanese animated films! Artists Hiromasa Ogura, Takashi Watabe, Haruhiko Higami, Mamoru Oshii and Atsushi Takeuchi are showcasing their work right now, so if this is something you’d like to view, click here.


Real Bodies

The Exhibition, Real Bodies, showcases the captivating display of more than 20 real, flawlessly preserved human bodies and over 200 anatomical specimens, inviting everyone of all ages to see the human experience from the first human breath to the last one.

So if you want to get to know your body—inside and out, dont miss this!
You can Grab your tickets here! 


Loose Leaf Literature

Loose Leaf Literature is back on Monday 30th for their July show. It is home to some of Sydney’s best, brightest, and strangely mesmerising minds. This month they’re featuring Zeadala, Baby Beef, Jordan Sharp, House Husbands, For Hire and Live art by James Needham.

Tickets are $10 and available here!


Hank Wood and the Hammerheads

This event is taking place on land of the Gadigal people, part of the Eora Nation. One of the biggest names to emerge from the NYC underground of the past decade, they are a foot stomping, stage diving, bottle smashing force to be reckoned with! This even is taking place at The Lansdowne from 8pm. Tickets are $25!


Sydney Ideas – Art and Neuroplasticity

This panel includes medical researchers who focus on youth mental health, and dementia and art practitioners. This event is hosted by Sydney University and Sydney Ideas. Get your hands on some tickets here!


Premier of Canaletto & Art of Venice

In cinemas across Australia from Thursday, this aesthetically pleasing documentary is directed and written by David Bickerstaff, and co-written by Phil Grabsky. It exposes the life and art of two official royal residences and Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, and is inspired by the much-hyped exhibition currently showing in London at the Queen’s House, Buckingham Palace. You can go check out all the deets here!


Record Fair Live/Bin Juice & AJ The Aged One

Record Fair Live is back! And they’re ecstatic to showcase the third gig in the monthly series set out to promote the sound of Sydney and the Newtown Record Fair.

Two acts will bring their ‘hip hop leaning sounds’ to Waywards with a mix of ‘electronic jazz and dreamy alt rock’ to captivate you all. Doors open from 4pm and drink specials will be provided too! What more could you need? Oh… and did we mention entry is free?!

Saturday 28th of July, 2018

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