Solving Sydney – Route Numbers

How well do you know the route numbers of the roads you drive every day? New South Wales quietly went through a total overhaul of its route numbers a decade ago, but the change did very little to push the labels into our day-to-day speech. Why is that? How does the rest of the world do it? Tuesday Drive host Felix Shannon is joined by Sharath, founder and host of ‘Building Beautifully‘, to talk about the the history of Australia’s route numbers, and discuss theories on the ways we talk about the roads we drive on.

Building Beautifully is a YouTube channel all about city planning, with a special focus on Sydney, Australia, and planning decisions over the past 50 years that have shaped our great city, for worse or for better. On the channel Sharath explores everything, from railways and freeways lost to time, to in-depth analyses of infrastructure and urban planning in Sydney, and even exploration of different railway stations and roads across Sydney.

Image: Building Beautifully/Wikimedia Commons, Bidgee, CC BY 3.0

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