Solving Sydney – Transport for the Second Class?

Sharath was startled when he found out his grandmother thought that Sydney’s new Metro system opening near her home would drive down the value of her property, and was more concerned about that than all the potential benefits for her and her community. It shows how much times have changed, how much our mindsets have changed. Many Sydneysiders would pay handsomely to live a 5-minute walk from their local station, but apparently not everyone feels that way. Their hesitancy about a metro station just down the road could be a great indicator of how much times have changed, from the car-centricity of the past to the transit-oriented world of today.

Tuesday Drive host Felix Shannon is joined by Sharath, founder and host of ‘Building Beautifully‘, to talk about the changing ways we talk about our transport network, and the expectations different generations have of public infrastructure.

Building Beautifully is a YouTube channel all about city planning, with a special focus on Sydney, Australia, and planning decisions over the past 50 years that have shaped our great city, for worse or for better. On the channel I explore everything, from railways and freeways lost to time, to in-depth analyses of infrastructure and urban planning in Sydney, and even exploration of different railway stations and roads across Sydney.

Image: Building Beautifully/Wikimedia Commons, Photnart, CC BY-SA 4.0

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