Solving Sydney – Urban Renewal

Not long ago, much of the shore of the Parramatta River was industrial land. This represents a different era of city planning, where industry was put ahead of society. Today, areas like Sydney Olympic Park, Camellia, Rhodes, and more, have been revitalised by urban renewal. What is urban renewal, how does it happen, and why should we be doing it? Tuesday Drive host Felix Shannon is joined by Sharath, founder and host of ‘Building Beautifully‘, to talk about the the evolution of Sydney’s spaces, how past industrial spaces shape the future of the city, and where Urban Renewal could be going next.

Building Beautifully is a YouTube channel all about city planning, with a special focus on Sydney, Australia, and planning decisions over the past 50 years that have shaped our great city, for worse or for better. On the channel Sharath explores everything, from railways and freeways lost to time, to in-depth analyses of infrastructure and urban planning in Sydney, and even exploration of different railway stations and roads across Sydney.

Also check out Sharath’s videos on Barangaroo, and Stroads in Rhodes;


Image: Building Beautifully/Wikimedia Commons, Felix Shannon, CC BY-SA 4.0

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