Sonic Alchemy: A Performance in Electronic Music and Perfumery

Have you ever wondered what your favourite song would smell like? Or how about your favourite colour or childhood memory? Sonic Alchemy, (a.k.a Clancy Baxter), wondered too and from this, he created the immersive sensory performance, “Sonic Alchemy: A Performance in Electronic Music and Perfumery”.

After studying electronic music composition at college Clancy moved to New York City where he studied at Dubspot, a leading Electronic Music Production and DJ School. From there he studied music design at UTS where he harnessed his musical performance and composition techniques and played at such venues as Manning Bar & the National Gallery of Australia. He is also a graduate of PerfumersWorld Perfumery School in Thailand, one of the top perfume schools. Combing his talents of music and perfumery, Clancy created a performance like no other. Audiences were transported through 5 scent & sound themes, exploring the concepts of Brazil, past romance, India, Jazz and even the colour green. Each of these concepts had a unique perfume concocted by Clancy himself, that worked in tandem with an original soundtrack.

Bryce caught up with Clancy to chat about his first Sydney performance and what the future of Sonic Alchemy and sensory performance art is. For more on Sonic Alchemy check out his Facebook page.

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