Soul Connection With Ben Pirani

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The Sha La Das – Love in the Wind (Feature Album)

Marissa Nadler – For My Crimes
Tim Cohen – The Modern World
Amber Arcades – European Heartbreak
Yumi Zouma – EP III
Ben Pirani – How Do I Talk To My Brother?
Exploded View – Obey
Lala Lala – The Lamb
Justus Proffit & Jay Som – Nothing’s Changed

There’s probably not many musicians who are also human rights lawyers and have worked on UN war crime tribunals, but Dutch-born Annelotte de Graaf is one of them. When she’s not helping Syrian refugees, her musical moniker Amber Arcades takes centre and she makes the type of breezy and dreamy guitar pop to soundtrack your Summer road trip. Her second album ‘European Heartbreak’ avoids familiar tropes in that genre and is beguiling and absorbing.

There’s Chicago born, New York based singer songwriter Ben Pirani in this mix. Raised by musician parents who were music directors at a Pentecostal Church, he discovered punk during high school and dropped out to go on tour and drum in various bands. There was also a mod and indie rock phase in between but amongst it all, Ben remained curious in and a collector of soul music, which is exactly what you’ll find on ‘How Do I Talk To My Brother?’. Perfectly executed vintage sounds that’s filled with unadorned emotions make for some sweet and wholesome easy listening.

And enigmatic folkie Marissa Nadler returns with her eighth album ‘For My Crimes’ which features some big cameos from Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Kristin Kontrol (Dum Dum Girls). Dark and haunting folk songs that spin complex and personal tales in heartbreak and sorrow that are beautiful and moving. Marissa’s voice just soars throughout and her attention to detail paired with the simplicity of acoustic guitar, and cello and harp embellishments holds together this incredibly rich and well rounded album.

Plus new singles from The Putbacks (feat. Bilal), A Swayze. & The Ghosts, Jackie Brown Jr, The Dodos and Ryan Downey.

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Tuesday 2nd of October, 2018

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