Sound and Sense

Poetry is “a prolonged hesitation between sound and sense.” – Paul Valéry

What is poetry? Where is poetry? How is poetry? As part of KXT bAKEHOUSE’s Pop-Up, Come-Out festival, as Sound and Sense along with it’s co-creator Sean Maroney, seeks and destroy the radical, relevant, and joyous thing that is poetry. He aims to bring his two worlds together: electronic dance mixed with poetic performances on a single stage.

Nicole sits down with Sean Maroney about what to expect on the night and how he looks at poetry differently. Hint: it includes 3 visual artists, 4 word-based poets, 1 band, 1 live electronic act, 1 hip-hop duet, and 1 DJ.

Sound and Sense, Kings Cross Theatre, 22 February, 7pm, get your tickets here.

Saturday 16th of February, 2019

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