South Korean Media: The New Hollywood ?

Squid Game. Everyone in the world has watched it, or has at least heard of it, including immortal director Steven Spielberg. Recently though, Spielberg has said certain things about the hit Netflix series’ cast that caught the ire of fans, stating that it was filled with ‘unknown people’. While a fairly innocent to some, Spielberg’s words have been vocally criticised on Twitter, with people correcting that the actors in the acclaimed South Korean drama have been famous in their own right, just in a different part of the country. Others have also believe Spielberg’s comments reveal how America is behind in recognising international talent. This backlash proves one thing- that South Korean media (and perhaps Eastern media in general) has gained an immense following in other parts of the world, and we were joined by Dr Sung-Ae Lee- a film and media lecturer at Macquarie University- to discuss the reasons and implications of this. 

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