Stickybeak: Is working in a restaurant as a student becoming common culture?

This radio is about there has culture of university students working in a restaurant. As everyone goes outside to eat or drink. It is really easy to get into the hospitality industry when people do not have any experience. That is making more people work in a restaurant because they do not need any experience.

However, in real people do not realise who serves or cooks for them it could be someone they know, or they are just students. We would like to explore why all the students decide to work when they are studying. To find out the reason between money issues or experience needs or even just because of culture. We interview three students to see do they work. If they are working, find out how do they able to balance their study time and working hour. Moreover, check how they manage their relationship with their boss and co-worker as they have an age gap and experience gap. Check with them what their reaction is when the customer knows that they are students. Interview with the restaurant manager to see how do they think about the student working in the workplace.

Based on these detail, exploring it is culture is suitable for university students. How does this experience help them to get into society and have a good foundation before they start working full-time working?