PEP Off! Communities From Manly To Newcastle Demand Off-Shore Drilling Permit To Be Squashed

After three virtual town halls and bipartisan support across the political aisle, it’s still unclear whether a controversial licence application to drill for oil off of the coast of Sydney will be granted or not.

Petroleum Exploration Permit 11, also known as PEP11 is a proposed joint venture agreement between Advent and BHP Energy. The venture will give rise to the exploration of petroleum on a stretch of coastline from Manly through to Newcastle. 

Environmental groups, surf communities and coastal residents alike have been pleading against the agreement. Independent MP Zali Steggall spoke with 2ser’s Tina Quinn and discussed her proposed bill, which would put a stop to the deal, and could also set a precedent for other such projects off of Sydney’s coastlines.

Image: Ben Gamlin & Surfrider Aus.

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