Storyteller’s Paradise – STORYBOX

23 April – 30 June
When – Daily

Where – Darling Square: outside The Exchange Building

Paramatta Square

Something exciting for the storytellers of Sydney. STORYBOX has brought a brand-new approach to the idea of storytelling. Every person and place have a story to offer, and creators of such stories have several modes of expressing them. To promote such fascinating local stories, STORYBOX a clean energy digital cube brings a platform for inclusive media and storytelling in public spacesin visual form. These stories include digital videos, photos, poetry, sketches, archival footage, Tiny Stories, interactive media, portraits, and quotes. Unlike our social media platforms, this mystery box allows each and everyone to share their stories, small or big on an open platform without the interruption of ads or promoted work.

To allow creators, storytellers, and people in general as a part of a community to share and connect them to audiences with insightful and creative stories, The STORYBOX situated outside the Exchange Building at Darling Square and now in Paramatta has been curated with a digital program that discovers the lives of Sydney through the stories of past, present and future. The STORYBOX supported by the City of Sydney’s CBD Activations Program which generates a time portal cantered around the brilliant ideas of renaissance and change in the city.

The STORYBOX is a place-based media and storytelling platform. This digital cube utilises the public space for the sole purpose of telling tiny stories. It aims celebrating the creative works and\ stories by thousands of people and the stories that have been lived every day. Media in public-spaces are not meant for advertising and paid promotions alone. It is a space for people to express themselves as the streets are made of the lives on them, through them.

How does the mystery box work you ask? The STORYBOX installations features the tiny tales and stories as a window into several lives. You need to submit a story that is of 100 words or less at

Check out the website to submit your stories and for more details:

Darling Square – STORYBOX Sydney | Darling Harbour

Paramatta Square – Storybox Parramatta | Parramatta – Where It’s At (

Friday 4th of June, 2021

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