Students Organise Themselves To Strike

Climate change has been a rising issue, as a wider group of people and media outlets have begun discussing possible changes that could be made in order to prevent a future climate crisis.

Tomorrow the Global Climate Strike will take place across the around the world where workers and students alike will gather to spread awareness of the current climate crisis which we are facing, and to demand change in order to provide future generations with a cleaner climate.

To discuss the current climate situation and the upcoming Global Climate Strike taking place in the Domain in Sydney The Daily’s Willy Russo was joined by a number of guests including:

  • Dr Ian McGregor (Pictured left): UTS Business School Teacher and a climate change activist for over 30 years.
  • Tooba (Pictured Right): The current UTS organizer for the upcoming strike.
  • Manjot (Pictured Middle): A school striker last year and current University student and climate activist.
  • Ambrose: 14 year old climate activist and high school student.


For more information on the Global Climate Strike, visit:

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