Stunning Property Transformation: From “Unsalvageable Wreck” to “Local Gem”

It’s hard to imagine that land once nothing more than dirt and sand, could become the stunning backdrop of an advertising campaign.

When Gary Revell purchased his Port Stephens property, people thought it was an unsalvageable wreck, but he’s since transformed the land  into a thriving garden/farm hybrid — a site that plenty of Port Stephens’ residents consider a must-see local destination.

The property is now home to a rainbow assortment of diverse vegies, fruits, herbs and spices. But the real attraction that has everyone ohing and ahing? A family of guinea pigs, raised on the farm, that visitors clamour to hold.

Today, Mick chats to Gary about his elusive secrets to transforming the land into a green dream. And as a bonus, we also unearth some fascinating gardening trivia (did you know plants have ‘friends’  they prefer growing next to?), and discover why his property was chosen as the central location for a Weleda advertising campaign.

You can find Gary on Instagram, where he frequently shares his gardening wisdom.


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