Sunday Best with Tanukichan

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Luluc – Sculptor (Feature Album)

Tanukichan – Sundays
Dirty Projectors – Lamp Lit Prose
Melbourne Cans – The Heat of the Night
Valley Queen – Supergiant
Raindrop – Mild Meltdowns
VILDE – Thud
Rayland Baxter – Wide Awake

You might remember the self titled Dirty Projectors album from last year that was largely a solo endeavour from band leader David Longstreth. Essentially a break up record that was full of self reflection and heartache, on Lamp Lit Prose we see him on the other side of that. Marking his return to collaborative efforts, Longstreth enlists a slew of guests including Syd (The Internet), Rostam, Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes), Empress Of and many more to create a feel good and robust record. Jam packed with frenzied rhythms, bright vocal pop, shimmering melodies and flexing that inventive and experimental muscle we’ve come to love from Dirty Projectors. Think about the surprise and pure kid-like joy that comes with a confetti cannon bursting, it’s kind of like that.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area is Hannah van Loon who for a time was a part of indie rockers Trails and Ways. Catching the eye of Chaz Bear of Toro Y Moi, the two have co-written a brilliant debut record Sundays under the moniker of Tanukichan. This is an album that’s one for Winter. Wrap yourself in dense shoegaze pop sounds washed with pummelling synths, fuzz-toned guitars and airy vocals that soar to the highest of highs.

Looking more locally we’ll also hear from Melbourne Cans out of, you guessed it, Melbourne. A mutual love for 50s balladeers, girl groups, and film and neo noir first brought this group together and you can hear those influences run deep throughout their second album Heat of the Night. Hypnotic and oftentime manic croons replete with dark nostalgia and emotive melodrama. The perfect meeting point between Roy Orbison and Jesus and Mary Chain.

Plus new singles from Marissa Nadler, Frontperson, e4444e, Patrick Watson, Phantastic Ferniture and BC Camplight.

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Monday 16th of July, 2018

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