Sustainability Talks: Transport

Looking at solutions to increase sustainable transport in Sydney and reducing the congestion on our streets. Guest presenters Marg Prendergast, Coordinator General for Transport NSW, Zara Crichton, General Manager of Connect Macquarie Park + North Ryde, and Rebecca Edwards, Director Projects & Programs, Sustainable Business Australia.

Hosted by 2SER’s Sean Britten

Marg Prendergast

How can we embrace disruption as we find ourselves on the cusp of a different and changing transport world?

Zara Crichton

How bringing key stakeholders together can help drive behaviour changes for transport and focus on sustainable and effective transport solutions.

Rebecca Edwards

How will the SBAs Sustainability Mobility Project help businesses respond to the challenges and opportunities of meeting Sydney’s mobility needs more sustainably? What does sustainable mobility mean for Sydney? And how can the project bring forward solutions that shape mobility and innovation?

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