Swimming Upstream: The Heights

A new Australian drama has hit our screens called ‘The Heights’ and it’s got our tick of approval for its diverse cast and realistic depiction of urban life.

The ABC drama follows 6 families in the inner‐city neighborhood of Arcadia Heights, it centers around the residents of the ‘The tower’ a social housing block and the people who live in the urban community that surrounds it.

Some of the stellar cast includes Marcus Graham (Cleverman, Secret City), Shari Sebbens (The Sapphires, Thor: Ragnarok), Dan Paris (Neighbours), Yazeed Daher (Safe Harbour) and Kelton Pell (Gods of Wheat Street).

Jess Klajman and producer Marlene Even spoke about the new series on the Swimming Upstream segment.

The Heights is shown on Fridays at 8.30pm on ABC or for those who wish to binge-watch ABC has released 16 episodes to watch on ABC iview.


Photo: Actor Marcus Graham plays Pav in ‘The Heights’, the season begins with Pav taking an abandoned baby to the hospital (Credit: ABC).

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