SWF 2018: Jay Kristoff on his upcoming book “LIFEL1K3”

2SER is a media partner of the upcoming Sydney Writers Festival which means we’re lucky enough to get to talk to some of the terrific authors and panelists taking part in the festival this year. Right now, an author whose latest book has been described as “Romeo and Juliet meets Mad Max, meets X-Men, with a little bit of Blade Runner cheering from the sidelines.” Jay Kristoff is an internationally bestselling Australian author, his new novel, not yet released is “LIFEL1K3” and he’s a panelist on Architects of New Worlds at the Sydney Writers Festival.

For more info about the “Architect of New Worlds” event, check the SWF website.

For more info about the novel “LIFEL1K3”, check the Allen and Unwin website.

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