Tantrums and inexplicable episodes in 2-4 yr old children – what’s going on?


We’ve all had them. We may not remember them – but our parents, siblings, grandparents, bus drivers and bystanding-strangers probably do! Some of you have no-doubt experienced one this morning! 

Tantrums and toddlers, or more specifically the seemingly completely irrational behaviour of the little people in our lives. The frothing, the screaming, the breaking of and throwing of things, running away, punching and kicking, the list goes on…

Is this simply part of coming to grips with the world? …Normal development as we navigate our growing brains and the emotional snakes and ladders of just being 3? Or can tantrums in toddlers be a sign that something underlying needs attention?

To discuss what’s going on in these little brains we’re joined now by Jamie Northam, Supervising Clinical Psychologist – Child Behaviour Research Clinic, Brain & Mind Centre – The University of Sydney.


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