Tell The Prime Minister – Japanese Documentary

Tell the Prime Minister is a type of reveal-all movie that almost acts as a protest itself. Set amongst post-‘3/11’ earthquake in Japan 5 years ago. The film sets about exposing what happened in the days and weeks afterwards, especially surrounding the ‘fall-out’ from the radioactive nuclear sites and the rising outcry from the public over the lack of information from the government.

Eiji OGUMA, a sociologist, historian and Professor of Policy Management at Keio (kay-o) University, directed this film which is now getting exclusive screenings around the world including tonight, for the first ever Australian screening at the University of Technology including a Q&A following the showing of the film.

Eiji Oguma joined Mick in the studio to talk about how this doco came about and to give us a first hand insight into Japan at the time of the tragedy.

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