Terence J Quinn’s Deadline

Today’s episode features Terence J Quinn discussing his latest novel Deadline.

Terence J Quinn

Terence’s debut novel was 2018’s The Scoop. The book introduced readers to Terry’s intrepid reporter Johnno Bligh. Johnno’s gotten older and wiser but he’s still interested in the truth. Today Terry joins me to discuss his latest Johnno Bligh novel, Deadline.


Johnno Bligh is living a peaceful life in Sydney having survived pirates and prison. As he contemplates his next project, Johnno is headhunted by Russian Oligarch Bolshy Borshakov. Johnno is to head up the British Tabloid UK Today as its editor. 

Uprooting his young family and peaceful existence; Johnno heads to London and headlong into conspiracy, terror and treason.

Join me as we discover Terence J Quinn’s Deadline.

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