The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie – Part One

We discuss chapters 1-14 of Agatha Christie’s notorious serial murder story, ‘The ABC Murders’. Captain Hastings has returned to London, and meets his friend Poirot reminiscing of their best days solving murders together. As they long for new thrills, one arrives in the post, as a series of letters herald the arrival of a new murderer in London. Three murders, each of victims with alliterative names, each accompanied by a copy of the ABC Rail Guide, are foretold by ominous, challenging letters to Poirot’s residence. How can Poirot tackle this case without waiting for more victims to lend him the clues he needs? The clock is ticking, and three bodies have already fallen.

We also talk with Sydney author Dinuka McKenzie about her latest novel in the Detective Kate Miles series; Tipping Point! Kate’s brother is embroiled in suspicion around crimes that Kate’s department has to investigate. How can Kate juggle the loyalty between the police and family? Only Dinuka McKenzie can tell us (until you read the book, at which point you also will have the power).

Thank you to Harper Collins Australia for providing copies of ‘Tipping Point’ and arranging our time with Dinuka.

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