The Aces on Australian Coffee, Queer Joy and The Catharsis of Vulnerability

Making their Australian debut and owning the stage in coordinated suits, indie-pop quartet The Aces are building the community they wish they had within the music scene.

The Aces have cemented themselves as a refuge for queer people all over the world. Singing openly about being queer and growing up in the church, they have been able to tap into the emotions of people near and far.

Their latest record, I’ve Loved You For So Long is an 11-track exploration of identity and a reflection on their childhood. It unpacks how their early experiences with closeted love and religious trauma have influenced their relationships, mental health, and identity in the present.

Written during the pandemic, they say the record ‘found’ the band. Giving them a place to explore their personal lives and moments they had yet to explore in their previous music.

After creating their own space where they can be authentically their own, they ultimately credit their fans for fostering the warm environment that surrounds their music.

McKenna, Alisa, Cristal and Katie from The Aces chatted with Jas from Dream State following their sold-out show at The Crowbar in November.

We had a chat about Aussie food, creating the new album and holding space within Queer community.

You can listen to ‘I’ve Loved You For So Long’ here, and snag a vinyl copy at your local record store.

You can listen to Dream State this Sunday, and every Sunday after that for a fresh playlist full of your new favourite female and non-binary artists. Tune into 2SER between 8-10am, and check us out on Instagram, @dreamstate.2ser.

The Aces (from afar) at The Crowbar

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