The Art and Science of Looking Up

Walking through Sydney, you might spot a woman on a billboard looking up to the sky with just two words. Look. Up.

The billboards are part of a public movement inviting Australians to look up and out at their surroundings and each other.  We know that limiting our screen time is beneficial but do we know the benefits of simply looking up?

The Look Up movement is a collaboration between a neuroscience expert Dr Fiona Kerr, Lekki Maze from Glider Global, Outdoor Media Association and The BraveryThe movement kick started with the release of the ‘Art and Science of Looking Up’ report  this week by Dr Fiona Kerr and Lekki Maze, who met last year when Fiona spoke at Gliders Vivid event ‘Enlightenment’, which presented audiences with a new way of thinking about shared human experience.

Dr Fiona Kerr, founder of the NeuroTech Institute, and Neural and Systems Complexity Specialist at University of Adelaide joined 2SER to discuss the report.

Photo source: Outdoor Media Association

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