The Art of Asking Questions with Wilfred Brandt

Interviews can be awkward affairs. Two strangers talking to one another. Sometimes it can get really weird if the person conducting the interview is a freakish fanboy/girl of the talent (trust us, we know). Basically an unrequited-love scenario.

But occasionally, an interviewee can be sincerely grateful for being asked a question. And this basically means the interviewer has nailed it (trust us, we know).

This is exactly what happened to Dr. Wilfred Brandt, who quite possibly could have the most diverse CV in all of Sydney, inspiring him to publish 10 years worth of interviews, as a book called “Thank You for Asking Me that Question”.

As a young skate punk growing up in Ohio, Wilfred has a soft spot in his heart for subcultures and their power to identify through creative works and his recent work reflects on this aesthetic. Toeing the line between fanboy and professional journalist, listen to Dr. Brandt give Bryce a few tips on an art he thought he had down-pat after all these years.

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