The Art of Backstabbing: Social Deduction Games

A knife in the dark, a locked room, countless potential killers. It’s the age old question of whodunit, whydunit and howdunit, only you’re playing mafia at a party instead of investigating a real crime scene. Social deduction games have been around since the late 80s and have always made for popular party games.

Weaving through webs of lies and deceit to find the one truth has had numerous iterations throughout the years and with the CO-VID19 situation, the games have seen a major rise in popularity online. Titles like Among Us, Project Winter and Town of Salem have hit viral status throughout the last few months and continue trending upwards in popularity, memes spreading like wildfire.

Today we have DaWu, events coordinator from Anime@UTS interviewed by Drive producer James, both experts in the genre of social deduction to discuss the nature of these games and how you too can approach them. You can find out more at Anime@UTS’s facebook.

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