The Australian Wars Documentary Series

*First Nations people please be advised this story mentions colonial violence towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.* 

A new 3 part documentary series directed by Rachel Perkins is making waves in our understanding of Australian History. ‘The Australian Wars’ is a new SBS program that delves into an ignored period of Australian conflict, the Frontier Wars.

From 1788 right up to the 1920s, the colonisation of Australia was resisted by Aboriginal groups, as settlers pushed ever further inland and dispossessed First Nations peoples of their land. These battles are hardly mentioned in official Australian History and this new program seeks to uncover the stories of resistance that have been untold and suppressed. 

Dr. Anne Maree Payne is a Lecturer at the Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges at the University of Technology Sydney, and joined 2SER to explain the significance of this new television series. 

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