‘The Berejklihands Bunker’

Political Satire has long been a way for individuals and societies to mock and trivialise politicians with ridiculous and sometimes destructive ideologies. And the upcoming NSW election is no different. A few Sydney Creatives are the brains behind a new character- Gladys Berijiklihands – yes hands. Ruby Teys plays Glady Berijklihands in her bunker where she discusses her policies for the upcoming election- Live Laugh Learn Lockout!

Ruby and Producer Inez Playford joined us on the radio to discuss all things comedy, Gladys, satire and controversy.

Gladys Berejklihands herself will be returning to 2SER this Saturday the 23rd on So Hot Right Now. So make sure you tune in.

To watch The Berejklihands Bunker, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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