The Best Hot Chocolates In Sydney

Tummy Treasures returns for its “terrible two’s” in the sense that this is the second episode, but also its “terrific two’s” in the sense that there are TWO different hot chocolates vying for the title of “best in Sydney” this time around! Lachlan visits Rebecca from Coco Chocolate and Robert from Hyggelig to talk about what makes a good hot chocolate.


One thing both of these hot chocolates have in common? They are made from scratch using fresh cocoa beans right here in Sydney! And it seems to be that freshness makes all the difference. These thick, rich, mature flavours are the best you’ll find. Rebecca’s “Rose and Black Pepper” flavour is incredibly dynamic, while Robert has got the classic milk chocolate down to an art.


So, if you make the journey to try either of these delicious drinks let us know on Instagram @sydneytummytreasures. If you’ve missed an episode you can find them all here. And finally, make sure you tune in on Chewsday afternoons from 4pm to hear the newest episodes!


Tuesday 20th of September, 2022

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